RVV C02 Traffic Sign One-Way Street, Closed in this direction

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RVV C02 is the traffic sign indicating that the road may only be driven in one direction, and this direction is closed. Recognizable by its red background and the white stripe denoting the prohibited direction, this sign can be utilized to redirect traffic during roadworks or to close a street for cars during an event or holiday. It is crucial to respect this traffic sign to prevent traffic jams and accidents. Drivers who ignore the sign risk fines and jeopardize their safety and that of other road users. Ensure a smooth flow of traffic and prioritize safety by adhering to the directives of the RVV C02 sign – your key to efficient traffic management and accident prevention.

Drive responsibly and respect the rules of the road for a secure and orderly transportation environment.

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T-1500D, T-2500D, T-6500HIP, T-7500B, T-11500


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