RVV B07 Traffic Sign Stop Sign

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RVV B07 is the traffic sign indicating the obligation to stop. Recognizable by its white border and red background with the text “STOP,” it mandates an immediate halt at the stop line or, in its absence, before the sign itself. This is crucial in areas requiring heightened attention, such as intersections or pedestrian crossings. Disregarding this sign can lead to hazardous situations and result in fines. Hence, it is essential to remain vigilant, promptly stopping when encountering the RVV B07 sign. Prioritize safety, adhere to traffic regulations, and contribute to a secure road environment.

Always be alert and responsive to traffic signs for a smooth and risk-free journey.

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T-1500D, T-2500D, T-6500HIP, T-7500B, T-11500


700mm, 900mm


Standard, Anti-Graffity, Anti-Dew